Travel & Getting Around

  • Please make your hotel accommodations at the host hotel, Sheraton Atlanta by calling 866-932-7269. The Sheraton is located downtown at 165 Courtland St., NE.

  • You may also reserve your room online - simply click on the picture below.


There are several restaurants inside the hotel as well as in walking distance from the hotel. You can also enjoy good 'ol fashion healthy meals from Blue Seas Express & Catering located at 890 Joseph E. Boone in Atlanta, 30314. Place an order by calling 404-330-8818.

Transportation Options

There is a shuttle from the airport to the Sheraton Atlanta. Get additional information and options including Taxi, MARTA rail, Car Rental below:


If you are staying onsite at the Sheraton, self-parking is at the discounted rate of $15.00 unlimited in/out in the hotel's garage. For local attendees, event parking is $7 in the hotel's garage. Additional parking is nearby.

Historical Sites to See!

Since you're traveling all the way to Atlanta, GA, you may as well check out some of the historical sites in the area! You will be inspired by these cultural and historical iconic places and people in history who shaped our present! So bring the children and spend a little extra time--you won't be disappointed!


Alternative Transportation 

Get quality alternative transportation through A Rising Sun Trans Limo & Sedan services for a special Family Summit rate of $14.99pp and $29.99RT. Tour rates $3-$5pp. Check us out & give us a call!

Order from the comfort of your room and have delicious meals delivered to you for only $10! 

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